Protecting your Business from Hackers

Small business cybercrimes are on the uprise. Here are ways to prevent attacks.

Cyber Security small business stats

-Hackers attack every 39 seconds

-43% of cyber attacks are on small businesses

-30% of phishing emails are open

-The average breach costs a company $21,155 per day

-Only 14% of companies believe they are prepared for a cybercrime

There are a few major reasons small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks: 

They can't afford dedicated IT staff. And if they can, training and budgets are often inadequate. It's potentially worth exploring a managed IT services provider for your business. They offer deeper expertise and full-time availability. 

Inadequate or non-existent computer and network security. Small businesses can't respond to threats quickly enough or can't detect them at all. 

Lack of a backup plan. Many small businesses don't use to back up their data offsite. 

Employees unknowingly help cyber criminals attack businesses. Staff members need to be more aware of attack methods as varied as social engineering calls and email scams.  

Small businesses are comparatively easy to attack. Hackers can find entry points to access valuable customer financial data more readily because of the absence of protection. Criminals can also use the business' credentials to attack larger targets like suppliers and financial institutions.  

Here are ways to prevent attacks

Network Penetration Testing

The test is performed to identify both weaknesses, including the potential for unauthorized parties to gain access to the system's features and data, as well as strengths, enabling a full risk assessment to be completed.

Annual Network Vulnerability Analysis

Similar in scope and execution to the Network Penetration Testing, except this process only identifies the methods to reach your data.  This is essentially the automated scanning and breach portion of the Penetration Test with the manual validation of attack.

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Scans a companies website and applications