The Importance Of Home Inspections

When our clients make an offer to purchase a home or condominium we always recommend that they order a home inspection of the property.  The money that the purchaser spends on the inspection is well worth it. 

During a home inspection the Licensed Inspector will look at different aspects of the home such as age of roof, are there shingles missing or need replacing, does the chimney need repair.  They will also look at other aspects such as the condition of the electrical box/fuses, plumbing, sump pumps.  They can spot to see if there has been seepage in the basement. This is just a small sample of what the home inspection entails.  

Once the inspection is complete, the Inspector usually will either e-mail or give a report at the house of his or her findings.  Depending on what is listed on the report the buyer after consulting withe their Attorney may ask for a credit or have some of the issues resolved before purchasing the house.  In some instances some buyers have opted not to move forward with the purchase of the property because of the cost associated to repair the items listed on the report.  Depending on the situation the buyers and sellers , through the assistance of their Attorneys can work out a mutual agreement to resolve the issues listed on the inspection report. 

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